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We analyse your claim and arrange solely on the best organised way to recover your funds, using our in-house resort or make use of our network of international attorneys.


We help you through the whole process until your money is successful recovered,just as the name implies we help you recover your funds. we have the best team of client relation assigned to assist you through every step.


We have a team assigned to help gather intelligence that deals with tracking down underground information on unregulated binary option and cryptocurrency companies

what we can do to assist you

Help on funds is made of professionals, we know the best way to get your money back in a short period of time. our aim here is to help you through getting backing your money and to make each and every step you take easy…. We watch out for cryptocurrency website that steal your coins and show you fake digital values. We can help you differentiate between the real from the fakes and as well refer you to several real websites and guess what? You do not have to beg them for your money anymore, we would get them for you. We are in the 21st century, nothing is untraceable,. They can be nearly untraceable but with little leads, we plot step by step and get back what is yours.


If you present the situation wrongly, your bank would decline you.We instruct you according to Mastercard and Visa dispute policies and chargeback rules and procedures.


Mastercard and Visa give consumers the right to dispute charges. If you know how to use your rights, you can get your money back!


We process our clients' cases with efficiency, care and attention to details.


Fortunately for you, Our strategy is always one step ahead of theirs.


One day i received a friend request from a young man who turn out to be in the military/USA army, he told me he was on peacekeeping duty in Afghanistan. i decided to accept his request after a few chat. It didn’t start as a romance but he said he was looking for friends to keep him company while he was on duty. he told me how his ex wife cheated on him,he sent me pictures. he was so loving, caring and understanding. To cut the long story short, we started dating cause he was so loving, caring and handsome, he approached me first, during this time I had already fell for him, so dating him was so easy, after some weeks he told me he had been transfer to another country, an (Africa country) for peace keeping cause his work in Afghanistan  were done. i didn’t know i was slowly walking into a trap, we were together for more than 4 months, on the internet. he told me he misplaced his debit card, and was badly in need of money cause he had a daughter who needs medical attention. he told me about his told who needs surgery I felt bad for him, he asked for my help with money, I was so in love I didn’t think it over I sent the money for his daughter surgery. i sent him $50,000 for his daughter surgery, i didn’t care about the money cause i was in love with this man, i sent him a lot more( from feeding to flight and also requested a leave for him. the flight fee was the last money i sent him and that was the last time i heard from him, he blocked me and i could not reach him anywhere. i was heart broken and duped at the same time. It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that he was a scammer.ever since then I’m usually grossed out by apps, until i found wehelponfunds these guys are legit. i had the receipt and the account details that the wire was sent out to, and i sent all information needed to wehelponfunds to my greatest surprise when i thought all hope was lost they recovered most of my money in less than a week.

Melisa Will

PR Manager

I met this company online that claimed they would help me get a federal grant, they said i should pay $30,000 to get my $2.5 million dollars worth of grant, without hesitation, i made the payment and that was the last i heard from them. I was lost and hopeless cause there was no one to talk to, then got in touch with helponfunds and they got back every penny, i honestly can not thank them enough. To be honest when i first heard of these guys I was scared: But now I’m more like: Hell yeah, The are the best. helponfunds made me smile again


Marina Scott

Marketing Manager 

I invested in optionbit hoping to let my money work for me, at least that’s what i thought when i invested $50,000 waiting to get the double after 2 months. i had the doubled values online, but i could not access my money, i contacted the support that i did not want the full value, i just want my initial amount back, they pushed me around for a while before fortunately getting in touch with helponfunds thaey helped me get my money back and made sure the website got shut down.

John Wilson

HR Manager

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